Hundreds of mushroom spores seized from grow operation

Hundreds of mushroom spores seized from grow operation (Image 1)

An investigation by the Narcotics Unit of the Specialized Investigations Division led to a raid on a home in Brentwood and the arrest of two men.

A search warrant was issued after the investigation developed evidence that hallucinogenic mushrooms were being processed at the home located in the 5700 block of Cloverland Drive.

During the raid, authorities seized 394 individual bags of mushroom spores, 899 jars of mushroom spores, 12 jars of processed mushrooms, several syringes with mushroom spores and six guns.

According to reports, there was also a portable cement mixer inside the house which was used to mix the chemicals needed to grow hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The owner of the home is 41-year-old Christopher Coxey.

He is charged with felony drug possession and felony gun possession, among other charges.

Before the raid, detectives were aware of another home owned by Coxey in the 200 block of Burgandy Hill Road.

Officials said Coxey admitted to police that he used that residence as part of his mushroom operation as well.

During the raid of the second home, police seized 14 grams of processed mushrooms, digital scales,a  food dehydrator, drying racks, a large pressure cooker, two computers, one vehicle and two LED televisions.

The man renting the property from Coxey is 36-year-old Jeremy Davis.

He is charged with felony drug possession.

Davis is also charged with tampering with evidence because, according to police, he flushed processed mushrooms down the commode before officers entered the house.

Both Coxey and Davis remain in jail in lieu of $80,000 bond each.

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