Program allows elderly woman to relive career as beautician

Program allows elderly woman to relive career as beautician (Image 1)

Through a program called “Second Wind Dream”, an assisted living center in Madison helps give residents a chance to re-live their dreams.

O'Telia McKee, who is 88 years old, is known around her assisted living center as “Ms. T.”

Ms. T is a resident at Elmcroft of Twin Hills assisted living center.

On Friday, Ms. T had a chance to re-live memories from her past as a professional beautician, a job she had for over 43 years.

“Of course I loved it all my life,” she told Nashville's News 2.

Tina McDaniel, Elmcroft Community Relations Director, said that they really her to feel like it was her 'Second Wind Dream'.

“I think she had a blast today. Actually, I know she did. She wasn't ready to leave today,” McDaniel said.
The R Salon in Goodlettesville made Ms. T feel right at home by welcoming her to work for a day.

Ms. T said being back in a salon brought back a lot of good memories.

While she was only paid for cutting hair for 43 years, she actually got started when she was eight years old.

She still recalls her first time experimenting with clippers on her sister.
“I pulled her bangs back and got the clippers and clipped up here, and pulled them over. You can imagine what that looked like when it started growing out,” she said with a laugh, adding that it was also the last time she used clippers on her sister.

Ms. T said she had a steady stream of volunteers at school.

“I kept everybody finger-waved and kept up good grades. I dared anybody to tell on me if I did anything [because] I wouldn't finger wave their hair,” she said with a chuckle.

The girls at the R Salon made Ms. T feel right at home on Friday and she was very thankful for a chance to re-live some good memories.

They even invited her back for free makeover.

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