Armed bank robber caught in Vanleer

Armed bank robber caught in Vanleer (Image 1)

A bank in Vanleer was robbed Thursday morning and the 25-year-old suspect has been apprehended by police.

At approximately 9 a.m. the First Federal Bank in Vanleer was robbed by a gunman.

Authorities reported that a man entered the bank, handed a note to a teller instructing them to give him all their money and displayed a handgun that was stuck in his waistband.

The man then left the bank with an undetermined amount of cash.

A witness was able to provide a description of the suspect's vehicle as well the license plate number.

The vehicle was spotted at the intersection of Indian Creek Road and Highway 48 North by an officer who then called for assistance.

The driver was 25-year-old Jerry Jennette of Cumberland City.

An investigation at the scene recovered evidence linking Jennette to the robbery.

He has been charged with aggravated robbery.

He is being held at the Dickson County Jail on $100,000 bond.

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