Lead investigator in Lowe case speaks out

Lead investigator in Lowe case speaks out (Image 1)

Lindsey Lowe was convicted of two counts of first degree murder after she gave birth to twins and then smothered them to end their crying.

Detective Steve Malach was the lead investigator in the case.

“We feel good. It was a long case. It was an emotional case and the jury decided. We are good with the outcome,” he said.

Malach has been a police officer for close to 20 years.

“I don’t rank them. These are not cases you like to do. You don’t high five or be happy. These are cases you hope you never have to do again,” he told Nashville’s News 2 Investigates.

Malach spoke about his first moments on the crime scene.

“I got called to a regular death investigation. I had no idea what I was involved in. When I got to the scene, and saw what it was, it made it more intense,” he explained.

Malach said the crime scene was not at all obvious that two murders had taken place.

“The crime scene didn’t tell us much,” he said.

“It came down to the interview, which is why it was so scrutinized throughout the trial. No we didn’t know the cause of death. We didn’t know a crime was committed. We had to go into it open minded and do a solid interview and find out what took place,” Malach elucidated.

Some questioned the Hendersonville Police Department’s investigative tactics, even referring to them as a “bunch of Barney Fifes”.

“I knew it was coming, expected it. The interview was a big part of the evidence against her. I knew they would attack it. The defense did the best job they could. We are used to that in our job,” Malach said.

He added that they did not take it personally, however, and that expert witnesses were who made the claim.

“I didn’t take anything he said with any expertise. I was not too worried about that,” Malach elaborated.

When speaking of the verdict, Malach said he never felt any vindication and that it was a tough case that dealt with good people.

“I would rather not be there. Wish for a better end to the story. Our department in this case, from top to bottom, we could not be more professional, or any better. We made a solid case and it came to a good end result,” he said.

Malach also said this case was difficult because the victims and suspect were so closely intertwined.

“This is a case where there was only one side. Normally if there is a murder you have the victim’s family in the court room, so there is someone to go up to and say justice has been done, but in this case it is the same family, you have the same victims same side, it is the same, it was difficult,” he continued.

Malach noted that anytime there is a deceased, their job is to speak for them and make sure they get a fair trail and their deaths are vindicated.

“It is a tough job we do. I said all along. That is a good family. This is a shame. It is a tragedy. This is our job to make sure justice is done,” he added.

Lindsey Lowe is expected in court for a sentencing hearing April 26.

At that time, the judge will also determine if Lowe’s two life sentences will run concurrently or consecutively.

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