Colder spring days make household pests, rodents worse

Colder spring days make household pests, rodents worse (Image 1)

Colder spring days could make household pest problems worse.

While thermostats are staying on the higher end to keep homes warm and inviting, many pests are accepting the invitation.

“The biggest thing it means: the pests are getting pushed inside,” said Jim Bilbrey, an entomologist with All-American Pest Control.

The company saw a spike in customer calls Monday, following a weekend of freezing temperatures.

Crews typically work inside and outside homes for optimum pest control.

Outside, pesticide is sprayed near the foundation and around windows of the home, while webs and debris are cleared from corners and awnings.

Workers also look for trouble spots that would allow pests to breed/nest or that would provide easy access to a home.

Bilbrey told Nashville's News 2 home and business owners cannot rely on late fall or early winter frosts to manage insects and rodents.

“The main thing you're going to get there is your outdoor pests: mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, things of that nature. They're killed off and they go into an over-winter state,” he said. “But your household pests don't have a whole lot of effect by that.”

Household pests can include mice, ants, termites, crickets and spiders.

While crickets are primarily a nuisance, spiders can be dangerous depending on type. The brown recluse and black widow are venomous and prevalent in the south.

The damage caused by mice and termites can be hard to detect and costly to repair.

But the biggest pest problem in middle Tennessee is also the smallest…ants.

“Ants can be anything from a nuisance ant to, we do have, fire ants in several areas in middle Tennessee,” Bilbrey said. “We also have carpenter ants, which can damage our homes.”

Bilbrey said the potential for pests in varying temperatures emphasizes the need for year-round pest protection.

All-American Pest Control recommends the following pest protection tips.

  • cut back trees and bushes that touch your home/building
  • fix leaks and moisture around windows
  • clean gutters and rake leaves away from foundation
  • do not leave food items exposed (including dog food and dirty dishes)

For more information, visit All-American Pest Control Inc., or call your local pest control experts.

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