Services begin at Cross Point Church’s new location downtown

Services begin at Cross Point Church's new location downtown (Image 1)

The sounds of praise and worship replaced the sound of drills and saws at the new Cross Point Church, downtown this morning.

The church began Sunday, a week ahead of schedule.

The congregation was busting at the seams at it's location on Charlotte Avenue so they moved to a newer, bigger home.

Their former building seated 800 people, the new building will seat 1,600 people.

Cross Point Church, which currently has multiple campuses in the area, purchased the 110,000 square-foot building that was home to Rexell Electric at 299 Cowan Street.

The church purchased the entire building and renovated 55,000 square-feet of that space during the first phase.

Currently they have about 3,500 people that attend services regularly on Sunday, they hope their new space will help double that attendance.

For more information on Cross Point Church, visit their web site.

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