Former motel tenant exposes ‘deplorable conditions’ to city officials

Former motel tenant exposes 'deplorable conditions' to city officials (Image 1)

Franklin city inspectors are keeping a watchful eye on a local motel Friday, thanks to a former resident who documented some room issues, posted them to YouTube and sent those links to city leaders.

The motel owner said the man, Christopher Frasher, was disgruntled and misrepresented his claims.

Frasher is a former resident at the Goose Creek Inn on I -65 and said the entire motel is under deplorable conditions.

He explained that he worked at the front desk in lieu of rent for himself, his wife and his 2 children. He said he felt terrible renting rooms to customers.

“I lied through my front teeth to tell them you will be ok if you stay here, but that was never true,” Frasher stated.

When new management recently took over, Frasher was asked to pay up past due rent or leave, raising the question if he exposed the conditions to be vindictive.

“If you want to call me vindictive, so be it, but I was complicit in renting people rooms I was embarrassed to rent,” he said.

Frasher has since left the motel, but not before documenting room conditions and then posting his videos to YouTube and sending those links to local officials.

He has ten videos that show what he narrates as black mold, stains dripping down walls, drips over his children and structural defects in the building.

Robert Moore Jr. owns the Goose Creek Inn and said he has never heard a single complaint of black mold and would instantly take action if he had.

“We never had anything we thought was dangerous or unethical or unsatisfactory for our tenants,” Moore explained.

He said the motel has a very low occupancy and a good portion of the rooms are sealed off by the fire marshal because of inadequate access to fire exits.

Moore also said that many of the rooms that Frasher video taped have been sealed off and they are not available for rental.

Chris Bridgewater is the director of Building and Neighborhood services for the city of Franklin.

He has some legitimate concerns, but believes there are others that are over stated.

Bridgewater said his department has launched an investigation into the motel thanks to Frasher's video.

Some of the problems identified by the complainant are on the 2nd level, and the 2nd level is not useable, as Moore had explained.

Bridgewater said deficiencies he noted are the broken fence around the waste water treatment facility, building materials stored inappropriately, as well as roof leaks and water intrusion issues.

“We certainly respect the city of Franklin. I have worked with them for years,” Moore said.

He plans to upgrade his motel, eliminating daily rentals.

The State Department of Health last inspected the motel in December 2012. It received a score of 89 out of 100. The inspection report did not indicate black mold present.

Motel management also told Nashville's News 2 Investigates that Frasher was never a motel employee, while Frasher said he can prove otherwise and the state has contacted him about it.

Moore is working closely with the city of Franklin on every level to make necessary and proper repairs.

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