Designers create plans for south Broadway with public input

Designers create plans for south Broadway with public input (Image 1)

Now that the Music City Center is about to open it's doors, plans for the surrounding area are starting to take shape.

With input from the public, the Nashville Civic Design Center presented and discussed it's recently released plan Thursday evening.

“This area south of Broadway could really open up new neighborhoods that could offer amenities like shopping and retail for downtown residents, new residents, downtown workers and people who live all over the city who want to come downtown to do something,” said design director Gary Gaston.

The non-profit Nashville Civic Design Center said that the city is seriously considering it's ideas, many of which were suggested by the public.

“I did put input into the plan,” said Mary Beth Ikard, who works downtown.

Ikard said she's glad to hear about new hotels, like the Omni and the Marriott, but that there is more to making south Broadway a vibrant community.

“Make sure it doesn't go hotel only, that there's opportunity for restaurants, and different types of mixed uses,” she said.

Planners presented a design that knits part of downtown together.

“One of the things I'm interested in is connection over to the gulch so people can get from SoBro to the gulch,” said Bob Murphy, a resident interested in the plans.

The city planners said the new Music City Center will eventually encourage new development that could be attractive to both visitors and residents.

Gaston added that the plan will hopefully guide development for the next 10 to 20 years.

To read more about the plan, visit

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