Woman who extorted Titans player gets 2nd DUI

Woman who extorted Titans player gets 2nd DUI (Image 1)

A woman once charged with attempted extortion of a Tennessee Titan is back in trouble again.

Shelley David, 23, was caught by Metro police on February 14 driving 53 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone on Broadway.

She was charged with her second DUI, and according to the Davidson County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, the arrest could violate her terms of probation.

David is on probation for an extortion plot involving Tennessee Titans wide receiver Damian Williams.

In June of 2011, David filed a domestic assault complaint saying that Williams had grabbed her arm during an argument to remove her from his bedroom area and it resulted in bruising.

Police reported that David sent texts messages to Williams indicating that if he paid her $5,000 the charges against him would go away.

Williams contacted police and worked with them on an undercover sting.

After Williams met David in a parking lot and she accepted a $5,000 check, police swooped in and arrested her for extortion.

In February 2012, she cut a deal with the District Attorney's office, pleading guilty to a lesser charge of perjury.

She accepted two years of probation, which is twice the normal penalty for perjury. She must also stay away from Damian Williams and complete drug and alcohol rehab.

One year later in February 2013 was when David was arrested again and charged with her second DUI.

Nashville's News 2 went to David's apartment, but no one answered the door.

Officials are now checking to see if the recent DUI arrest will affect her probationary status with the courts.

A spokeswoman for the DA's office says she has been in contact with the attorney who prosecuted the case and the attorney has instructed the probation office to get a warrant on the violation.

The Titans were contacted and have no comment on this issue.

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