Repeat offender steals drink, hides in ceiling

Repeat offender steals drink, hides in ceiling (Image 1)

A 24-year-old man had another run in with the law just two days after getting out of jail.

Michael Frazier, of Clarksville, was released from the Montgomery County Jail on March 17 after making bond.

On March 19, police were called around 5 p.m. to a store in the 2000 block of Madison Street due to a theft.

According to reports, Frazier stole an energy drink so the business owner confronted him and a verbal argument ensued.

Frazier then ran outside of the business with the owner following. He looped around the back of the store, returned inside, broke a ceiling tile and climbed into the ceiling area.

Shortly after, Frazier came crashing through to the floor, which is when he re-entered the ceiling from the bathroom and remained until police arrived.

Police were able to coax Frazier out of the ceiling and take him into custody.

He is charged with theft, evading and resisting, as well as felony vandalism.

Authorities reported that Frazier had warrants on file for forgery, theft and vehicle burglary, all from crimes that occurred a few days prior.

On March 14, officers had to chase and fight with Frazier, who was already out on bond for a DUI that occurred in January, because he shoplifted two flat screen TVs from another Madison Street store.

Frazier was booked into the Montgomery County jail just after midnight on March 15 and posted bail.

Two days later, on March 17, police responded to a theft of services call after Frazier utilized a cab and was unable to pay.

During the incident, police found a checkbook on Frazier that had been stolen in a vehicle burglary.

Authorities conducted an interview, during which he admitted to entering over 25 unlocked vehicles after being released from jail and stole items from five of them.

Frazier is once again in the Montgomery County jail and his bond is set at $28,250.

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