Prosecutor, defense agree Lowe trial was ‘toughest case’ ever involved in

Prosecutor, defense agree Lowe trial was 'toughest case' ever involved in (Image 1)

Prosecutors and the defense in the Lindsey Lowe case agreed on little during the just-completed murder trial of Hendersonville woman convicted of killing her newborns, but both said “it was the toughest case they had ever been involved in.”

The identical words came from Sumner County District Attorney Ray Whitley who prosecuted the case and John Pellegrin who led Lowe’s defense.

Pellegrin told Nashville’s News 2 that after meeting with Lowe this morning at the Sumner County Jail, “She is upset, but her faith remains strong.”

Pellegrin said his client is in the medical unit at the jail for now so she can be evaluated for a variety of medications she takes, including severe depression.

Lowe’s attorney added that he “would not describe it as being on a suicide watch.”

The 26-year-old woman was taken to the jail moments after jurors found her guilty Tuesday afternoon on all charges against her including two counts of first degree murder which carries a mandatory sentence of at least 51 years.

Both the DA and Lowe’s attorney still expect a long legal road ahead with numerous appeals that will be filed in the murder case.

“There were over 100 exhibits; it’s a complex case. Certainly there will be appeals on a variety of issues,” Pellegrin added.

Like in court during the five days of testimony, Lowe’s attorney points to his belief that his client was in a dissociative state where her mind, and even body, could not accept the pregnancy which came after a brief affair with a man other than her fiancé at the time.

“Here is a young woman who in January is fitted for a dress, who wore it in mid-September and two days later delivered newborn twins, and nobody knew she was pregnant,” said Pellegrin. “We contend she herself did not realize she was pregnant.”

While summing up the intense seven day trial, Lowe’s attorney said. “Its just such a tragic situation for all involved.”

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