Burglar falls through ceiling, steals beer

Burglar falls through ceiling, steals beer (Image 1)
Burglar falls through ceiling, steals beer (Image 1)

A burglar in Smyrna chose the hard way to steal some beer from a bar when he fell through the roof in the process.

Around 7:00 a.m. Tuesday a neighbor saw a man running from Pop's Bar and Grill in downtown Smyrna.

It is believed the culprit pulled up a vent fan on the roof, climbed through a narrow hole, then fell about 12 feet through the ceiling and landed on the floor.

“They tore up the bar a little bit, but didn't get a whole lot of anything,” Pop's Manager Vickie McMillin said.

In fact, all the burglar escaped with was three six-packs of beer.

McMillin said that it is a small score considering the burglar fell through a ceiling.

“I'd hate to see what they look like because they fell a pretty good ways,” he added.

Police Chief Kevin Arnold also said the thief went through a lot of pain for not a lot of gain.

“Normally, when they come through the roof, they're looking for money, electronics, things of that nature,” Chief Arnold said. “He put a lot of work in it just to steal some six packs of beer.”

Police said they think they have an idea of who was responsible for the burglary, but no arrests have been made.

They are still investigating the break-in.

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