‘I Am Second’ billboards encourage spiritual conversations

'I Am Second' billboards encourage spiritual conversations (Image 1)

18 billboards with the words “I Am Second” went up in the Nashville area in February.

It's part of a national campaign to “start spiritual conversations, or just conversations in general,” according to Angie Clawson.

Clawson, who has lived in Nashville for eight years, learned of the “I am Second” program and campaign when it launched in Dallas, Texas.

Started by Norm Miller, Chairman of Interstate Batteries, “I Am Second” shares stories from Christians who have gone through struggles such as drug addiction, depression, prostitution, pride and physical disabilities.

“I Am Second was designed to reach the person who doesn't have hope and is lonely, who's been hurt by Christians, by the church,” explained Clawson.

One billboard on Music Row features country singer Josh Turner.

A billboard on West End shows Lauren Scruggs, a model who lost her arm when she stepped into the propellers of a plane.

“These are people who've tried to do life alone, and who have failed,” said Clawson. “They find fulfillment and hope doing it with God and through Christ.”

The billboards are funded by local individuals and have the support from 80 local churches of many different Christian denominations.

“What we hope I Am Second does when it comes into cities is simply raise the spiritual temperature,” said Clawson. “I Am Second is not an event.”

The billboards will come down in Nashville at the end of April and likely will be re-posted in the fall.

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