Warm weekends tempt Spring gardeners

Warm weekends tempt Spring gardeners (Image 1)

It happens every year, the first warm weekend of spring and homeowners want to start planting their garden. But it's a risk.

Marilyn Anderson, shopping for flowers and shrubs at Home Depot in Hermitage can't wait to get started.

“I've got to get it in earlier so mine will be bigger and prettier than anybody else's when the time for blooming comes” she said.

Store manager Brian Lane told Nashville's News 2 early spring is a fine time to plant certain types of flowers and vegetables.

“It's going to be different types of lettuce. It's going to be cabbage. We also have brussel sprouts and arugula” he said.

Walking along the aisles of ground cover, trees and annuals, Lane points out what can survive remaining cold nights.

“Pansy's are cool season annuals, and they'll handle the early spring weather,” he said. “This is shamrock, oxalis. We get them in this time of year for St. Patrick's Day.”

When is the best time for planting anything? Lane says it's easy to remember. “A good rule of thumb in this area for planting and freezes and stuff is more or less, tax day, April 15th,” Lane said.

Anderson understands this, but warm weekends are too tempting. “My friend told me, 'it's going to be really frosty this week and next, and you probably shouldn't do it yet', but here we are with our little coats on going, 'Oh it's really chillier than it was yesterday.'”

The Spring Equinox is Wednesday, March 20.

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