Facebook helps reunite missing cat with family 3 years later

Facebook helps reunite missing cat with family 3 years later (Image 1)

A cat that had been missing for three years has been reunited with his family thanks to Facebook.

Pretty Kitty wandered away from his Tullahoma home in 2009.

“He just went out to the deck and one minute he was there, and the next minute he wasn't,” said Laurie Boone, who owns Pretty Kitty. “We looked, even to this day we looked, or I did at a black cat if it was in somebody's yard, I would slow down and look to see if it might be Pretty Kitty.”

Last week, Evelyn Curlee, who lives three miles away, posted a picture of the missing feline on a local Web site in the hopes someone would recognize the cat.

“I think he's been hanging around our neighborhood for over a year,” said Curlee. “I thought this was a cat sort of passing through our yard. I really didn't pay attention to him for awhile.”

Laurie and her son, Landon, immediately recognized Pretty Kitty and picked him up from Curlee's home.

Landon, who's had the cat since he was only a few years old, couldn't have been happier.

“I was surprised, but I knew it was going to happen, that one day he would come back.” He told Nashvill's News 2.

He said he knew it was Pretty Kitty because the cat slobbered when he purred.

When Landon brought Pretty Kitty home, it was even more obvious they had found their missing cat.

“He just walked around the house like, he didn't walk around it like it was new, he walked around like he knew this place,” Landon added.

The Boones told Nashville's News 2 that Pretty Kitty is an inside cat from now on.

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