Antioch mother faces charges after leaving 3 kids home alone

Antioch mother faces charges after leaving 3 kids home alone (Image 1)

An Antioch mother is facing charges after she left her three children home alone.

Metro police were called to the 5100 block of Highlander Drive Thursday night after a man reported almost hitting a child with his truck.

According to witnesses, the child ran into the street in front of the vehicle.

When police arrived at the home, the children told officers they were home alone and didn't know where their mother was.

There was no phone in the home and the kids said they didn't know how to contact her.

While police were on scene the mother, Maricruz Gonzalez Montero, 31, showed up. Montero said she had gone to pick up her husband from work and a pizza.

The mother was charged with child neglect. Her bond was set at $7,500.

When Nashville's News 2 showed up at the home Friday morning, Montero's children were being supervised by their aunt.

One of her older children said the mother of five has two jobs and works hard to support her family.

She is a “good mom,” the girl told Nashville's News 2.

This was the first time Montero has been charged with neglecting her children, according to family members, but neighbors say it's not the first time the kids have been left alone.

“It's not, actually that guy said it's the second time the little boy darted out in front of him in the street,” neighbor Cornelius Johnson told Nashville's News 2.

Family members said Montero was released from jail on Friday.

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