Underage drinking sting busts 3 Murfreesboro businesses

Underage drinking sting busts 3 Murfreesboro businesses (Image 1)

The Alcoholic Beverage Commission conducted an underage drinking sting in Murfreesboro this past weekend.

Seven businesses were tested and three sold to an 18-year-old confidential informant who was working with agents.

One of the businesses that failed the test was Main Street Live, a night club recently in the news when police were called to a large fight involving several former and current Middle Tennessee State University football players.

The incident occurred on February 17 and a number of arrests involved people who were under age.

The overall sting came out with a 43% failure rate, with three out of seven businesses selling alcohol to the underage informant.

“That is too much in our eyes, for sure,” said an agent with the ABC regarding the failures. “That says to me there is some disregard for the law.

Another business that was cited was The Social Night Club and Bar.

The owner, Rob Fortney, told Nashville's News 2 Investigates that he has worked diligently with police on trying to control underage drinking issues in Murfreesboro.

He said the employee that sold to the underage confidential informant is new behind the bar and simply made a mistake.

Fortney also said that he is going to retrain his staff on checking identifications.

The third establishment that sold to a minor was the 96 Liquor and Wines store.

Agents said that the business has been in trouble before.

“We are trying to show underage drinking won't be tolerated. That is just another weight on the scales of justice against this establishment,” one agent noted.

Attempts to speak to anyone at Main Street Live and 96 Liquors and Wines were unsuccessful.

ABC agents said that more investigations are probable.

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