Massage therapist arrested for touching woman inappropriately at popular mall

Massage therapist arrested for touching woman inappropriately at popular mall (Image 1)

A man who works as a massage therapist at Opry Mills Mall was arrested for sexual battery on Tuesday.

An east Tennessee woman called Metro police from the mall after she said Wei Wang, 45, touched her inappropriately even after she asked him to stop.

Police said the Wang works at O'Chi Reflexology in the mall.

The woman said it started when she entered the room.

She said Wang squatted down to take off her shoes and “pressed his forehead against her crotch area.” She said she thought maybe he was trying to keep his balance.

The victim said when she lied down on the table the suspect, “pulled off her shirt and then unfastened her bra.” She said she felt Wang kiss her on the back of the neck.

She told police she was confused at first and thought that maybe she was imagining what was happening.

She said the suspect then forced his hands underneath her and “pinched her nipples and rubbed her breasts.”

That's when she said she got up and told Wang to stop. She said he didn't stop and began to rub his private parts against her body.

The victim said she then tried to pinch him to make him get off of her, but he would not let her go. She said she screamed, grabbed her shoes and socks and ran out of the room.

When she got to the front desk, she said she told them to immediately call police but they refused.

She said she had to go to another store to have them call mall security and police.

Metro police encourage customers to set clear expectations and guidelines when getting a massage.

“Now if those expectations or boundaries are crossed in a criminal matter, for sexual gratification of the service provider, or if the person feels significantly uncomfortable about what's taking place then by all means notify the police department as soon as possible,” police spokesperson Don Aaron told Nashville's News 2.

“We want to hear from persons who are uncomfortable with what's taking place in one of these establishments, if it crosses the line to a potential criminal matter and we'll go from there,” Aaron continued.

Nashville's News 2 learned that Tennessee state law requires a license for massage establishments and for those who practice massage therapy.

Anyone who receives a license from the Tennessee Massage Licensure Board is required to display it.

Nashville's News 2 searched state records and could not find a license for Wei Wang.

The license for O'chi Reflexology at Opry Mills is expected to expire May 31, 2014.

Early Wednesday morning, Wang was jailed on $20,000 bond.

In a statement to Nashville's News 2 the same day, Opry Mills' General Manager Jad Murphy said, “We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and are cooperating as this isolated incident is being investigated. Although we do not manage the daily operations of individual businesses, we are doing what is necessary to ensure that this does not happen again.”

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