Teacher caught insulting students back in the classroom

Teacher caught insulting students back in the classroom (Image 1)

A teacher who was placed on administrative leave without pay for berating her students last April is now back in the classroom.

Noelle Smith, who taught 3rd grade at Sylvan Park Elementary, was secretly taped in the classroom when parents said their daughter's grades were plummeting and came home from school saying questionable things

They placed a recorder in their daughter's backpack to catch Smith making negative comments towards her students.

The recording, which was close to three hours long, was full of comments from Smith such as, “I really think you're going to bomb the language and reading part tomorrow and I'm not playing”, as well as comments towards a child about how their parents weren't doing their job.

After being put on administrative leave without pay, Smith was given several directives she had to follow if she ever wanted to teach again.

Smith underwent mandatory counseling sessions throughout the summer and fall, as well completed 10 and a half hours of continuing education credits dealing with classroom management.

“We realized well, what can we do to rescue this teacher, to put her on the right path, because we've made a significant investment in her already and we're happy and pleased with those results,” said Scott Lindsey, Employee Relations Director with Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Smith now teachers 2nd grade at Chadwell Elementary.

A letter in her file states that her students' scores were highest for their grade level, whereas before she arrived, they were the lowest.

Noelle Smith declined to comment, as did her principal at Chadwell.

She continues to have one-on-one meetings with the Employee Relations Director as part of her ongoing evaluation.

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