3 charged after kids found living in deplorable conditions

3 charged after kids found living in deplorable conditions (Image 1)

Clarksville police arrested three adults Thursday afternoon after five children were found living in deplorable conditions.

William and Donna Suttles and Tricia Gurrea were charged with child abuse/neglect after police were called to a home after receiving a 911 call about seeing children at a filthy home packed with trash.

Neighbors told Nashville's News 2 the house had been surrounded by trash for several years until city crews came to clean up the mess.

“Trash bags piled up by the front door,” described Robbie Wallace, who lives 3 doors down. “They were really a nuisance to the neighborhood.”

Kevin Layers lived next door to the home until he was 18. His parents still live there.

Layers said that clean-up crews called police when they saw the filth inside.

Once inside the residence, officers reported a strong smell of urine, along with visible trash, dirty dishes piled up and clutter.  

While in the home, one of the officers discovered two children, ages one and three, unsupervised in the basement without a visible path or walkway, while another officer located a seven and nine year old in a back bedroom that was also said to be in poor condition.

Additionally, a disabled 15-year-old child confined to a wheel chair was found in the living room.

DCS was contacted and responded immediately.

Authorities have since determined the home to be in a state of environmental neglect. The children have since been removed from the home.

“They were horrendous conditions,” said Clarksville Police Officer Jim Knoll. “There was trash, the house was loaded with everything, and there were no pathways to move around.”

Layers told Nashville's News 2 his family had been complaining for years, but did nothing until his dog was attacked by the neighbors' pit bull.

“He jumped the fence about 2 or 3 weeks ago,” lamented Layers. “[It] got a hold of my Pomeranian, Gizmo, and killed him.”

All three adults were booked into the Montgomery County Jail and are charged with child abuse and neglect.

Donna and Williams Suttles were booked on a $10,000 bond, while Guerra was jailed on a $50,000 bond.

The Suttle's will also appear in court on March 22 regarding their pit bull.

Wallace told Nashville's News 2 he hopes his neighbors clean up their act.

“It's all we can hope for. Either they're out of here or they come back and they keep the place clean,” said Wallace.

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