15 vehicles burglarized in Brentwood

15 vehicles burglarized in Brentwood (Image 1)

Police are looking for those responsible for more than a dozen vehicle burglaries in Williamson County.

The break-ins all happened in one night in Brentwood, recently ranked one of the nation's safest cities.  

Lucy Bottorff woke up Monday morning to find her window shattered.  

“I was leaving for work and I saw there was glass hanging on the passenger side window,” Bottorff said. “And I said, ‘Oh gosh, they got me.'”

Nothing of value was taken from Bottorff's car. Her doors were locked and the vehicle was parked right next to her home.  

But her car wasn't the only vehicle burglarized.  

Throughout Sunday night and into Monday morning thieves struck at least 15 vehicles in Brentwood.

Some were parked on curbs, others closer to residences.  

They took an array of items, including cash, electronics, lottery tickets and even a birth certificate.

“It really didn't make any difference,” said Brentwood Police Captain Tommy Campsey. “About half of the vehicles were broken into by force. And half of them were unlocked.”

Campsey says the easiest way to avoid becoming a victim is to lock your car and hide any valuables.  

Police believe one group is responsible for the break-ins and they are still investigating.

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