Fair Ticketing Act stirs controversy on Capitol Hill

Fair Ticketing Act stirs controversy on Capitol Hill (Image 1)

The Senate Commerce and Labor Committee decided Tuesday to delay a vote on the Fairness in Ticketing Act until next week.

Proponents of the bill say the legislation would protect consumers and want to limit the resale of tickets on the secondary market by Web sites like Stub Hub or Ticket Liquidators.

“They'll set up a Web site, then start selling tickets to fans that they don't even have yet, haven't purchased yet, haven't even gone on sale yet,” said bill sponsor, Rep. Ryan Haynes.

But opponents of the bill believe it will limit consumer rights.

“I want control and I don't want control being put in a government entity, or a business entity other than myself,” said consumer John Heacock.

Lobbyists from Washington D.C. have also taken issue with paperless tickets, another part of the bill.

Opponents say without a physical ticket in hand, it limits resale options.

However, bill sponsor Ryan Haynes says the bill will protect consumers from a thriving ticket market and level the playing field for sales.

If the legislation does not pass the senate committee next week, it will be delayed until next year.

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