Crash victim’s family meets organ recipients

Crash victim's family meets organ recipients (Image 1)

After losing his life in a car accident last year, an 18-year-old college student from Brentwood went on to posthumously save three lives.

Ty Osman, a 2011 graduate of Brentwood High School and freshman at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, died while traveling to Texas for a spring break trip.

In a chain-reaction car collision on Interstate 30 near Hook, Texas, Osman’s caravan was rear ended and he got out of his car to check on his friends. At that moment, a passing truck hit his car, sending the car into him.

Osman suffered three broken ribs that punctured several organs, leading to his death the following night on March 3, 2012.

The teen told his parents that he wished to be an organ donor, and his family carried out those wishes.

This past weekend, Osman’s family flew to Dallas, Texas to meet the recipients of their son’s organs.

Osman saved three lives when his heart, two kidneys and pancreas were donated to patients in need.

His family was able to spend the one year anniversary of his death with the organ recipients.

Osman grew up in Brentwood and ran track for Brentwood High School.

“News like this is obviously shocking and it is a great loss because not every student can be tagged an ambassador to your school and there’s no doubt that Ty Osman could be tagged an ambassador for Brentwood High School,” Athletic Director Ronnie Seigenthaler told Nashville’s News 2 last year.

He continued, “His moral compass always pointed in the right direction.  You could count on to doing the right things and leading other students to do the right things.”

When he wasn’t running hurdles for Brentwood’s track team, Osman was heavily involved in his youth group at Woodmont Hills Church of Christ.

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