Woman returns from family emergency to find 2 dogs dead

Woman returns from family emergency to find 2 dogs dead (Image 1)

A Clarksville woman returned home from a family emergency over the weekend to find her two pit bulls dead.

Dilithea Scott said her teenage son discovered the deceased animals, which were said to be in good shape and lived in kennels in her backyard, on Sunday night.

“They are just gone. A part of my life is just missing. Two of them are gone. My dogs are always chained up, always in my yard. They don't come out. They don't bother anyone,” she told Nashville's News 2 Investigates.

A third dog, a husky that was also in Scott's backyard, was reportedly fine.

According to Scott, her two sons and a family friend took care of the animals while she was away. None of the caregivers reported any out of the ordinary behavior from the canines.

Police were called to the home and did not see any signs of obvious trauma to the two dogs named Tank and Legend.

The Montgomery County Animal Control is also investigating the incident, and told Scott that she can conduct a necropsy to determine if the dogs were poisoned for $210.

Animal control officials added there is no record of calls to the family's home regarding the dogs.

No additional information was released.

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