Woman hit by suspected drunk driver continues to recover

Woman hit by suspected drunk driver continues to recover (Image 1)

A Madison woman hit by a suspected drunk driver on her way to church continues to recover in the hospital.

Theresa Lawton, 52, has been hospitalized since January at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Lawton was hit on East Marthona Road in Madison on January 30 while walking to a church gathering.

The man who hit her, Gregory Capps, 43, was charged with felony vehicular assault and driving on a revoked license.

He told police he didn't see the woman.

Officers detected an odor of alcohol on Capps. He was taken to General Hospital for a mandatory blood test after field sobriety tasks indicated impairment.

Lawton's daughter, Amber McDonald, is asking for prayers for her mom's recovery.

Prayers fill a Facebook page that has been set up for Lawton who is expected to remain in the hospital for a couple of more months.

The family is relying on the support to get them through this difficult time.

“What's so comforting is complete strangers really come out and say the most uplifting things and when you're going through something like this, a small word of encouragement really helps,” said McDonald.

McDonald recalls a conversation she had with her mother a few days before her accident.

“Out of nowhere I said, ‘You know mom, I think I could handle anything in life. I'm pretty strong and tough like you but losing you, I don't think I could make it,' recalled McDonald. “I'm happy I got to say those words to my mom.”

Lawton is progressing.  She is attempting to communicate with her family and recognizes her daughter and husband.

Cards and donations can be sent to the family at P.O. BOX 121291, Nashville, Tennessee 37212.

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