Man waves unloaded gun at neighbor near bus stop

Man waves unloaded gun at neighbor near bus stop (Image 1)

A Nashville man was charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly waved an unloaded gun at a neighbor during an argument near a school bus stop Monday morning.

Guy Rajasombath, 39, was arrested after a confrontation with his neighbor Troy Bennett at the intersection of Jay and Lutie streets.

“He pulls out a machine gun and points it dead right at my chest,” Bennett told Nashville's News 2.

Metro police identified the unloaded weapon as some type of MAC-10 blowback operated semiautomatic machine pistol.

Bennett said Rajasombath was upset with the children waiting at the bus stop in front of his home.

“A bunch of kids come running in my house asking for help, this mans trying to beat us up again,” Bennett said.

“I see the man out there, and a woman with a stick, throwing rocks at the kids and cussing and hollering saying all this language in front of all these kids. I didn't want any kids getting shot, that's why I stood in front of the gun myself,” he continued.

Bennett said this is not the first time Rajasombath has had a problem with the neighborhood children.

“He [Rajasombath] should have gone and talked to parents, parents should have gone and talked to him and we could have kept this from happening,” he added.

A man who identified himself as Rajasombath's brother told Nashville's News 2 the neighborhood children are very loud.

“Every weekend always about 20 to 50 kids over there in the house,” Rajasombath's brother said.

Extra security remained near the location of the incident Monday afternoon.

Officials with Metro Nashville Public Schools have since moved the bus stop away from Rajasombath's house.

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