American Red Cross launches free tornado app

(Photo: WKRN)

The American Red Cross launched a free tornado app on Monday in an attempt to help people during inclement weather.

The app is available in English and Spanish and is available for iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones and tablets.

“We are so excited to kick off March's Red Cross month by launching our newest app and that is the Red Cross tornado app,” Regional Director of Communications Beth Ferguson said.  

She continued, “We are excited for people to be able to download that app for free to be able to protect their homes and families when bad weather strikes.”

The tornado app is the fifth app released by the Red Cross. The non-profit organization also has a hurricane, first aid, earthquake and wild fire apps available for download.

“This one is really more specific to our area as we tend to experience many more tornados, so this is perfect for Middle Tennessee,” Ferguson explained.

The app has several practical features including a real time audible alert so users can take action before a storm strikes.

“It has an alarm system that will wake you in the middle of the night if you are sleeping, and there is a tornado warning in your area so that you can get up and get your family safe into your safe place,” Ferguson said.

The app also includes several other practical features including a tool kit which includes a strobe and flash light, a check list for creating a family emergency plan and a list of Red Cross shelters.

For more information on the American Red Cross, visit their Web site.

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