2 Coffee County students suspended after bringing guns to school

2 Coffee County students suspended after bringing guns to school (Image 1)

Two eighth grade students from Coffee County remain suspended after police discovered the boys brought two handguns to school.

The Coffee County Sheriffs Department began investigating the theft of two handguns from a private home on February 23 after a parent discovered the guns missing.

“We developed information that his son may have taken the guns,” Sheriff Steve Graves told Nashville's News 2.

The boy then took the handguns, a .22 and a .25 caliber, from his parent's home to Coffee County Middle School.

According to Sheriff Graves, after school the boy took both handguns on a bus to give to his friend.

“The exchange was made by means of a school bus and the young man going home with the second young man and he in turn kept the firearms,” Graves said.

Both weapons were found at the friend's home.

“The guns were never intended to harm anyone. The young man did take his fathers guns and his father wants him punished,” Graves said.

Coffee County parents told Nashville's News 2 they were not happy to hear that guns, one of which was loaded, were present at a school.

“It is chilling, it is scary,” parent Rhonda Mitchell said.

Samantha Smith added, “It makes me not want to send him to school. It makes me want to keep him at home.”

Smith told Nashville's News 2 she would be glad if students were checked on their way into school.

Father Ronnie Hanna agreed with Smith, adding he thinks metal detectors should be installed in the schools. 

“When you are in a situation like a school where you have to have your children with other people's children, a metal detector wouldn't be that difficult and it would catch 100% of guns coming through,” he said.

Both boys have been suspended from Coffee County Middle School for a year and have been charged with possession of a weapon on school property.

The juveniles are scheduled to appear in Coffee County Juvenile Court on March 20.

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