Neighbors tussle over dog waste

Neighbors tussle over dog waste (Image 1)

Clarksville neighbors got into an argument that turned physical on Wednesday over one of their puppies using the restroom in their yard.

Police arrived at 3280 Tower Drive just before 6 p.m. to find three neighbors standing outside of their apartment building.

Samantha Newton stated that she was frustrated with Benjamin Scherger because his puppy used the restroom on her front steps and in her grass area.

When Newton asked Scherger to clean it up, he refused.

Newton then went inside to get a broom to clean the mess up herself when Scherger tackled her to the ground.

She fell off of the stoop and onto the ground, receiving minor injuries to her wrist, hip and back area.

Another neighbor, Molly Jaco, went to help Newton when Scherger jumped up and began to chase her while screaming.

Jaco, fearful of a physical assault, ran back inside her apartment.

A witness verified the account to police.

Scherger stated that he assaulted his neighbor because he was fearful she would use the broom to hurt his puppy, although she never made any threats.

Newton refused medical transport by EMS.

No charges were filed.

Warrant and Order of Protection procedures were advised to both parties.

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