Mayor Dean says everyone will notice budget cuts

Mayor Dean says everyone will notice budget cuts (Image 1)

How will the sequester affect Middle Tennesseans?

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean told Nashville's News 2 that while everyone will notice some impact, it is difficult to say which specific areas will be affected the most.
Dean said any government office that relies on federal funding will see effects of the fiscal crisis, but hesitated to name any specifics.

“But at the same time I think we're going to be okay, but there may be some rough spots along the road.” Dean said.

He continued, “What I think needs to happen is, we need to stop having these artificial deadlines that are created, this brinkmanship where we go right up to the edge and maybe beyond the edge makes it very difficult to plan, makes it difficult to have stability.”

Meanwhile the Department Of Homeland Security acknowledged the cuts will be noticed by people who travel by air.

The DOHS will cut overtime for TSA agents who screen carry on baggage. The spokesman said the change won't be noticeable on most days, but during peak times of travel when the department would normally bring in TSA agents on overtime, there may be longer lines at the security checkpoint.

Nashville Airport spokesperson Emily Richard told Nashville's News 2 she's been told there will be no impact on travelers.

Other cuts are for TSA agents who travel for training. All travel has been “essentially stopped” said Paul Armes, from Nashville's National Department of Homeland Security.

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