Neighborhoods seek guidance in fighting increased crime

Cookeville High School student arrested for bringing gun to school (Image 1)

Concerned home and business owners of the Belmont, Hillsboro, and 12th South neighborhoods came together with Metro police to discuss crime.

In the last month, the area has seen an increase in the number of thefts and break-ins.

While there is heavy traffic around the area, it isn't clear what is causing the crime increase, but the community is learning how to stop it.

“Our goal is to have effective involvement from neighbors because it's really the neighbors and the people and the residents and the small businesses who can help prevent crime the most,” said John Ray Clemmons, the president of the Neighborhood Association.

Tom Cash, a local homeowner, said that they need to encourage people to prevent crime even if they're hesitant.

“Even if it's not a crime, the information is out there and it could be helpful and in many cases has been helpful when neighbors report suspicious things,” Cash added.

Officers handed out crime prevention information that would help any community, not just high traffic areas like Belmont, Hillsboro and 12th South.

To look at the crime happening in your area, visit

For safety information or to find out how you can get involved, visit

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