Legislators propose handicapped photo placard bill

Legislators propose handicapped photo placard bill (Image 1)

Legislators are considering a bill that could stop people from illegally using handicapped parking spots.

If passed, the law would require people have their photo on their handicapped placard.

A disabled veteran brought the idea to State Senator Randy McNally, who is sponsoring the bill.

But many people, even those with disabilities told Nashville's News 2 it could have some serious unintended consequences.

Emily Hoskins, with the Tennessee Disability Coalition, pointed out that people with disabilities are more often the victims of crimes and a photo on their placard could add to the problem.

“I feel like that's just putting up a sign like ‘break into my apartment,' I'm an easy target,” said Hoskins.

Advocates for those with disabilities point out many people like to keep their disability as private as possible.

Disabled veteran Bill Stepp told Nashville's News 2 he thinks it's a “beautiful” idea because he often sees people abuse the system.

“They pull in, take one (placard) and put it up there. I don't know where they got it from,” he said. “I get in trouble sometimes asking them 'hey, you don't look disabled to me.”

Senator McNally of Knox County said that sponsors of the bill are working with the Department of Safety, County Clerks and groups that advocate for the disabled.

Introduction of the bill was delayed this week, but McNally said hopes to bring it up again soon.


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