Man tries to rip ATM from Gallatin station

Man tries to rip ATM from Gallatin station (Image 1)
Man tries to rip ATM from Gallatin station (Image 1)

Gallatin police are asking for assistance in identifying a suspect who burglarized a Shell station early Monday morning.

The crime was reported at the Shell located at 501 Garnet Court just after 3 a.m.

Police said the man used a rock to smash out the store's glass window before unsuccessfully ripping an ATM out of the business.

Gallatin Police Officer Bill Storment told Nashville's News 2 a chain snapped when the suspect tried to drag the ATM from the building.

“You can see his chain come off right there, sliding back under his truck,” said Storment as he showed surveillance video to Nashville's News 2 reporter Joe Avary.

The suspect is said to have fled on Hancock Street towards Lock Four Road in a 2010 or later model red Ford crew cab pickup truck.

At the time of the incident the unidentified man was wearing a shirt or pillowcase over his face.

“We've got very little to work with,” said Storment. “Hopefully someone will know someone who has a red pickup and a propensity for committing this type of crime.” 

Anyone with information is urged to contact police at 615-452-1313.

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