New proposal could allow wine in grocery stores to be reality

New proposal could allow wine in grocery stores to be reality (Image 1)

Wine in grocery stores could soon finally be a reality with a new proposal going before the senate committee.

Monday's hearing will be the first time legislators will be asked to vote on a wine in retail food stores bill that would allow local referendums.

Passing the bill would give voters the right to decide where they buy wine in their communities.

It's a piece of legislation Todd Murphy, co-owner of three small grocery stores has been fighting for.

“As cut throat as the grocery business is, we need every category we can to survive,” said Murphy.

Not only would selling wine in Murphy's stores boost sales, but it's what his customers want.

Murphy added, “It just gives my customers more choice, more variety, allows us to serve our customers better.”

It's not just the small locally owned grocery stores that hope to be able to sell wine but also the big retail stores too.

After many attempts, Kroger spokesperson Melissa Eads believes this is finally the year this bill could pass.

Eads said “We're really optimistic this year that we can help move this forward.”

While many smaller independent liquor stores are worried about the competition, Eads is hoping for some compromise.

“Let's let liquor stores sell some thing they haven't been able to sell and I think that would help them offset possibly some of the wine sales that they lose,” Eads added.

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