Metro Animal Control speaks out about euthanasia controversy

Metro Animal Control speaks out about euthanasia controversy (Image 1)

The Metro Animal Shelter is speaking out after controversy surrounding 2012 euthanasia numbers.

Last year, Davidson County Animal Control took in 10,290 dogs and cats. 

Of that number, only about 1,700 were considered adoptable after passing medical and temperament tests.

“Because of us being a government run facility, we have to take in everything and anything that comes in our door.  Whether it be sick, aggressive, injured or owner request for euthanasia.  So that's what makes our numbers a little bit higher,” explained Billy Biggs with Metro Animal Control.

Biggs told Nashville's News 2, while the number of euthanized animals is staggering; last year's adoption rate was at 75%.

Just over 1,200 animals were adopted in 2012, leaving just over 400 animals to be euthanized.

While the shelter is receiving criticism for last year's euthanasia numbers, Biggs said adoption numbers are on the rise.

“Just this January, we had a record number of animals adopted from here.  Usually January is one of our worst months, but it was one of our best.  We adopted 114 animals from here,” said Biggs.

The adoption fee for dogs is $90 and cats are $60.

An online petition has been created by concerned citizens calling for animal control reform in Davidson County.

So far, there are over 4,000 signatures.

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