Georgia plane crash investigation expected to last several days

Georgia plane crash investigation expected to last several days (Image 1)

Federal safety investigators say they expect to spend almost a week in Georgia investigating a deadly plane crash which took the lives of a prominent vascular surgeon in Nashville and four of his staffers.

The plane took off from John C. Tune Airport in Nashville and crashed after 7 p.m. EST Wednesday night at the Thomson-McDuffie County Airport, about 30 miles outside of Augusta.

On board was Dr. Steven Roth of The Vein Guys Medical Center and four others who worked in his Augusta office.

Dr. Roth is survived by his wife and two children.

Ultrasound Technician Tiffany Porter, Senior Ultrasound Technologist Heidi McCorkle, Nurse Anesthetist Lisa Volpitto, and Executive Assistant Kim Davidson were also killed in the crash.

“Our team is extremely concerned for the well being of the families left behind and our thoughts and prayers are with them,” said Kelly Vann, Chief Operating Officer of the Vein Guys. “We continue to be deeply saddened at a loss so great.”

A pilot and co-pilot survived the crash. They were airlifted to a Georgia hospital.

Crews from TSB say they’re still investigating the crash, focusing on why and what happened.

They said they’re hoping to get a better understanding of what was going on inside the cockpit.    

Video footage was captured from an airport security camera but investigators have not had the opportunity to review it thoroughly yet.

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