Carjacking victim locates car thanks to GPS tracking device

Carjacking victim locates car thanks to GPS tracking device (Image 1)

Metro police told Nashville's News 2 a woman was just pulling into her residence at the Nob Hill apartments on Wallace Road in Antioch when two men, one armed with a knife, attempted to get in her car.

The doors of her Chevy Trailblazer were locked, but the suspects threw a rock through the window and took off with the woman's purse.

The woman's keys were inside the purse.

Around 3 a.m. the suspects returned and stole the vehicle.

In the morning the woman went to her car dealership, PARS Auto Sales on 2nd Avenue at Lafayette.

The dealership had a GPS tracking device installed on the woman's vehicle.

“I saw her. She was so worried and she was a little bit crying too,” said Peter from PARS Auto Sales. “I told her don't worry, I'm going to get your car.”

It only took a few minutes to locate the car on the dealership's GPS system. The dealership coordinated with Metro police and soon tracked down the woman's vehicle and the two suspects.

Nashville's News 2 obtained exclusive video of the suspects' arrest after a brief chase.

Both suspects are charged with motor vehicle theft, one is also charged with evading arrest and aggravated robbery.

Metro police have not yet released the suspects' names, but told Nashville's News 2 one is a juvenile.

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