Patrick Streater, suspect in tanning bed murders, coached high school football

Patrick Streater, Tanning Bed Murders
Patrick Streater (Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – In 2001 and 2002, as detectives tried to solve the tanning bed murders, accused killer Patrick Streater was in Carmichael, California coaching high school freshman football.

Streater, 37, has been charged with the 1996 murder of two college girls, Tiffany Campbell and Melissa Chilton, who were working at Exotic Tan for Men.

After moving to Carmichael, Streater began coaching football at Holy Jesuit High School. He was a walk on assistant coach in 2001 and part of 2002.

According to the school, he never taught in a classroom. His only job was to coach at the private all-boys school.

Streater left his coaching position around the same time he was arrested for, and later pleaded guilty to, a string of violent home invasions in 2002 that occurred not far from the school.

Julie Loeb, mother of a sophomore matelote at Holy Jesuit, said that her son was not there while Streater coached, but that news of his charges still surprised her.

“My thought was things happen, you can have the best background check but you never know,” she said.

School officials declined to talk, but said that Streater passed every background check at the time of his employment, including a fingerprint check through the FBI.

Officials also informed parents with current students at Holy Jesuit about Streater’s time at the school and that he had passed his criminal background checks.

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