Business owner upset how MTEMC crews trimmed shrubs

Business owner upset how MTEMC crews trimmed shrubs (Image 1)

Middle Tennessee electric crews have the right to go onto homeowner's property to trim back trees and shrubs in an effort to make sure everyone has power, however one Rutherford County man takes exception with the way it was handled.

“Somebody just came in here with a chain saw and just cut with no rhyme or reason,” Mike Nestor told Nashville's News 2 Investigates.

Recently Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation sub-contracted with a crew to cut shrubs away from a power pole.

According to Nestor, the crews did a horrible job cutting shrubs around his La Vergne business and even cut his soaker hose.

“Is it like you are just driving down the road one day and say, ‘There's another one we can do?'” questioned Nestor.

MTEMC typically places door hangers to warn property owners of pending work, however Nestor said he was not notified and only found out about the job when he discovered the mess on his property.

“If you had notified me, I could have done something other than butcher [this] like someone did with a chain saw,” he said.

Nestor said he questioned the crew providing the work for MTEMC.

“They tell me they have a manifest that allows them to enter the property and trim around the hedges and when I asked for the manifest, they could not supply it. They said it must be in their other truck,” he said.

MTEMC spokesman Tom Moreland told Nashville's News 2 Investigates a work notice was provided to Nestor on November 28, 2012.

Moreland said in a statement, “MTEMC's main objective in tree trimming and maintenance is to assure the proper safety and protection of all service power lines while at the same time doing our best to preserve the property interests of our members.”

However, that answer does not satisfy Nector.

“It doesn't matter. I can be as mad as I [want to] be. They have the right of way, it doesn't matter if it is my property or not,” he said.

MTEMC said they have the right to trim 20 feet around the pole in any direction; however they only trimmed three feet on Nector's property.

MTEMC added they are investigating why the trimming crew was unable to produce the work notice when asked.

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