Fired TDOT worker can have his job back

Fired TDOT worker can have his job back (Image 1)
Fired TDOT worker can have his job back (Image 1)

A Tennessee Department of Transportation worker who was fired after he was cited for patronizing prostitution can have his job back.

Charles Harbison was cited in May of 2011 by Metro police for patronizing prostitution.

He was reportedly on duty, in uniform and driving his TDOT truck at the time when he agreed to pay a prostitute $15 for oral sex.

Harbison was fired for what TDOT called “gross misconduct” and a violation of the department's ethics policy.

After his firing, Harbison appealed and last November, a judge ruled he should have only been suspended and not fired.

TDOT appealed that judge's decision.  The decision was released Friday.

The Civil Service Commission ruled Harbison can have his job back, including back pay, if he wants it.

TDOT spokesperson BJ Doughty said the department was working to digest what Friday's ruling means and had no immediate comment.

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