Man runs through traffic with infant, charged with child neglect

Man runs through traffic with infant, charged with child neglect (Image 1)

Twenty-eight-year old Jonathan Gore hid his face from Nashville's News 2's cameras as he was escorted into the Livingston Police Department Wednesday afternoon.

Gore was arrested Monday in Putnam County after police said he went on the run with a 10-month old baby in tow.

The bizarre incident started Monday morning in the Dairy Queen drive-thru. A citizen spotted Gore in a vehicle with an infant in his lap.

An Overton County Sheriff's deputy also happened to be in the drive-thru. The citizen alerted the deputy to what was happening.

“The car pulled out of the drive-thru and [the deputy] went to look for it,” said Livingston Police Chief Greg Etheredge. “[Gore] parked his car and jumped out and left his food behind and took off with the baby.”

Police told Nashville's News 2 Gore tucked the infant under his arm like a football and darted into traffic.

“He doubled back across, goes back across another lane of traffic, across a field over into one of our other subdivisions in town,” Chief Etheredge said.

Overton-Pickett 911 sent out a reverse alert to everyone in the neighborhood, telling residents to “be on the lookout for a white male in his mid-twenties wearing khaki pants, a striped shirt and grey tank top, carrying a baby, last seen in the vicinity of the Dairy Queen.”

Police received several tips leading them to the baby and the baby's mother, Amanda Smith.

She is charged with filing a false report and child neglect.

“She placed her baby at risk,” said Chief Etheredge. “She should've never allowed him to get in a car without a car seat number one, and number two, he's a habitual motor vehicle offender.”

According to Chief Etheredge, Gore has warrants in Wilson, Putnam and Overton counties.

Gore is also charged with aggravated child neglect stemming from Monday's incident.

The baby is in family placement under DCS supervision.

Police said the infant wasn't physically harmed in the incident.

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