Income tax ban on track for voters

Income tax ban on track for voters (Image 1)
Income tax ban on track for voters (Image 1)

State lawmakers Thursday continued full speed ahead on giving Tennesseans a vote on putting an income tax ban in the state constitution.

By a vote of 26-4, the state senate overwhelming passed the measure by the required two-thirds margin to place the bill on next year's statewide ballot in November.

The final step is up to the House which is expected to concur.

The resolution is designed to clarify language in the state constitution which some feel allows for an income tax.

More than ten years ago, public protests erupted on Tennessee's Capitol when most Democrats and a few Republicans wanted to institute an income tax while lower the state's sale tax.

Sponsor Brian Kelsey told Nashville's News 2 that he “respects those who don't want to close the door on an income tax, but that is exactly the point of this resolution.”

“I think the people of Tennessee will want to do that too,” he added.

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