Deputy: Credit card thefts not linked to Zaxby’s

A Maury County sheriff's deputy no longer believes two credit card theft cases he is working originated at a local restaurant as first reported by Nashville's News 2 Investigates Wednesday night at 6 p.m.

Det. Randall Hickman said Thursday afternoon he received a third credit card theft case and the victim did not have any charges at the Zaxby's on James Campbell Boulevard in Columbia.

According to Hickman, his other two victims both ate at Zaxby's around the same time last Saturday and both their cards were compromised.

Hickman told Nashville's News 2 all three cards stolen have exactly the same amount charged to them. The charges were reportedly made at a store in Rutherford County.

Travis Womble is the owner of the Zaxby's restaurant on James Campbell Boulevard.

He told Nashville's News 2 Investigates the detective was premature in linking the two stolen credit cards to his restaurant.

Womble says his company has spent a lot of resources building a firewall to protect patrons to make sure similar situations don't happen.

“It would be impossible for this to happen,” Womble added.

Det. Hickman says he plans to pickup video from the Rutherford County store where the cards were used to buy hundreds in gift cards.

Earlier this year, Zaxby's corporate issued a press release indicating that more than a 100 restaurants in the Southeast had credit cards that were compromised.

Zaxby's locations in Columbia, Springfield and Gallatin were among those restaurants.

Zaxby's said any customer who feels like their credit was jeopardized can log onto the corporation's Web site and get a free credit evaluation.

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