3 arrested following motel meth lab explosion

3 arrested following motel meth lab explosion (Image 1)

Three men are behind bars after an explosion caused a fire inside a motel room Thursday afternoon in Columbia.

The incident occurred at the James K. Polk Motel located on Nashville Highway near Bear Creek Pike around 4:30 p.m.

When the smoke finally cleared, investigators had to go into the room wearing hazmat suits because of the potential danger.

Police have not officially said what caused the explosion but investigators found equipment used to make meth in the hotel room.

Two men suffered minor injuries in the explosion.  They were taken to a local hospital.

Police found a third man minor injuries at an apartment complex across the street.

Police say the room where the explosion happened suffered heavy damage, as did the two adjacent rooms.

The motel reopened Thursday night but several rooms are under quarantine.

Adam Arabis, 23, Derrel Pack, 43, and Raymond Stringfellow, 50 are all behind bars Friday morning.

It was not immediately clear what charges they face.

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