Mt. Juliet residents remain concerned after tornado sirens didn’t sound

Mt. Juliet residents remain concerned after tornado sirens didn't sound (Image 1)

Weeks after severe storms ripped through Wilson County, residents in Mt. Juliet are still concerned about the tornado sirens that did not sound and are asking the county to further investigate.

Wayne Griffin allowed the city to place a tornado siren on his property about a year ago.

Griffin's home located on W. Division in Mt. Juliet is located just down the road from the siren.

“They needed a place to put it and it wasn't anywhere close by that they could stick it and where everybody could hear it, this was a good place,” Griffin told Nashville's News 2.

However, during the storms on January 30, Griffin said the sirens did not sound.

“I got up looked around, opened the front door, didn't hear a siren, didn't hear anything go off wind was blowing but you couldn't tell anything bad was happening,” Griffin said. “Since we didn't hear the siren my family went back to bed, not knowing the danger everybody was in.”

Other residents within close proximity said they did not hear the sirens either.

“It's frustrating to know that everything they've done went for nothing on that night, the night of the tornado,” Griffin said.

Officials with the Wilson County Emergency Management Agency tested the sirens the day after the tornado, on January 31.

Griffin says it was a clear day, and the sirens worked perfectly when they were tested.

But now Griffin is calling on the city and county to investigate further to make sure the sirens work when they're needed the most.

“Whatever it takes to fix it, if it's more money, I don't see how you can spend as much money as they did and leave it the way it is,” said Griffin.

Mt. Juliet officials are also concerned about the silent sirens.

Though officials don't know what went wrong, city commissioner Ray Justice tells Nashville's News 2, the city will investigate.

“There will be a solution,” Justice told Nashville's News 2. “This is a circumstance that was completely unacceptable, lives are at stake when you're dealing with something of this nature, and it's not something we can take lightly.”

City commissioner Justice's district was among the hardest hit.

The National Weather Service later confirmed that an EF2 hit Mt. Juliet.

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