Fairview police crack down on underage drinking

Fairview police crack down on underage drinking (Image 1)

The Fairview Police Department is continuing to crack down on businesses selling alcohol to minors.

Last May in a sting, police discovered 65% of the city's businesses sold alcohol to minors. Since then police have been working in full force to put an end to minors purchasing alcohol.

“The chief has made it clear we are going to put a stop to it,” Officer Shane Dunning said.

According to Dunning, the department alongside the Alcoholic Beverage Commission recently conducted two separate stings just three days apart.

In the first sting, officials said five businesses out of 24 sold alcohol to an underage confidential informant working with the police department.

Police told Nashville's News 2 Investigates four of the five businesses were cited for selling alcohol to a minor last May.

Three days later a second sting was conducted which found only two businesses selling to a minor.

“It shows an improvement and it shows that what we are doing as a city and as a police department, it is working,” Dunning said.

Officers said a BP Station located near the interstate sold alcohol to the underage confidential informant during both of the recent stings, and also in May.

Authorities said there is a possibility the store could lose their beer license. The on duty manager was also advised to “fix the problem.”

Fairview police said they will continue to conduct the stings.

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