Hit-and-run prompts sheriff’s officer to speak out on drunk driving

Hit-and-run prompts sheriff's officer to speak out on drunk driving (Image 1)

An officer with the Davidson County Sheriff's Department is speaking out about a hit-and-run accident involving an intoxicated driver.

Officials said Anthony Ewin Jr. rear-ended a car driven by a U.S. soldier last Sunday night around 10:30 p.m. on Brick Church Pike between Brick Church Lane and Chesapeake Drive.

When the drivers got out to exchange information, police say Ewin Jr. then jumped back in his car, drove across a field and crashed into a light pole.

Sheriff's officer Colette Andre came upon the scene right after the crash occurred. She told Nashville's News 2 she immediately got out of her car and approached Ewin, who was intoxicated at the time.

“At that point I think he saw my uniform because he started pulling out and hitting a tree back and forth with the car,” she recalled, adding, “I yelled at him to stop. I called 911.”

She continued, “He started rearing back and I still had a hold of the door and the soldier who was trying to protect me, took a shot at the back wheel of the car.”

No one was shot, and police say Ewin still tried to escape.

“He reared across Brick Church Pike and luckily at that time was in between cars, so he missed the cars and he ended up on the ditch over here,” she said.

After crashing his vehicle a second time, Ewin then took off on foot.

Ewin was quickly taken into police custody.

He has since pled guilty to a number of charges, including driving under the influence.

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