72-year-old grandma holds men at gunpoint

72-year-old grandma holds men at gunpoint (Image 1)

A 72-year-old Summertown woman is responsible for foiling a robbery.

Flo Armstreet owns and operates Hwy 43 Flea Market.

At around 9:15 p.m. Sunday, she got a call from a neighbor telling her someone was parked behind the market.

When Armstreet looked outside from the backdoor of her business, she saw an unknown vehicle and a man standing next to it. She quickly realized there were two men.

Still on the phone with the neighbor, she shouted to the men, “Back up, back up, back up! You're looking at the business end of a gun!”

The men complied, but then one of them tried to open the door to the vehicle. She told both of them to put their hands on the hood until police arrived.

Armstreet never left the entryway of her business. When one of the men tried to approach her, she fired her weapon.

“The only necessity I found was just firing into the air, so that they would know that, first of all, that it was loaded and secondly, that I wasn't afraid to use it,” Armstreet said. “And it worked.”

Joined by her neighbor, Armstreet was able to call 911. Lawrence County deputies arrived within minutes.

The two men were identified as 21-year-old Travis Carter of Spring Hill and 21-year-old Freddie Currie of Columbia.

Deputies found a BB pistol in the vehicle, which looks like a handgun.

“For all I know, they could've had an AK-47 or something, you know, then it could've gotten really ugly,” Armstreet said.

Armstreet acted without fear, but not without regret. She believes in the right to own a gun and use it responsibly; but she also believes she never should have opened her door.

“I don't think we should act like Annie Oakley or John Wayne and go running out after somebody if they're outside,” she said. “Stay inside. Call the police. Let them come and handle it. That's their job.”

Based on other evidence found inside and in close proximity to the suspects' vehicle, investigators believe the pair intended to rob the neighboring Dollar General store.

Carter and Currie are charged with attempted robbery, trespassing, and drug and firearm possession. They are being held in the county jail on $14,000 bonds.

Lawrence County Sheriff's Lt. Nathan Neese told Nashville's News 2 investigators are trying to determine if Carter and Currie are responsible for a string of Dollar General robberies in the Lawrence and Maury County area.

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