Suspect linked to CVS robberies arrested

Suspect linked to CVS robberies arrested (Image 1)
Suspect linked to CVS robberies arrested (Image 1)

Metro police have arrested a suspect linked to multiple robberies throughout Davidson County.

Vastna Keo, 19, was arrested Thursday in connection to robberies at two CVS pharmacies and a Kmart.

According to police affidavits, Keo and an unknown accomplice robbed the CVS on Hillsboro Pike in Green Hills on January 23.

Keo displayed a pistol to the clerk and demanded cash while his accomplice demanded another clerk load gift cards with $500.

Keo and his accomplice fled with cash and the gift cards.

Investigators were led to Keo after they were able to lift a print left during a robbery at a CVS pharmacy in Donelson.

Keo was apprehended and later confessed his involvement in both CVS robberies and a Kmart robbery.

He was also identified by a victim during a photo lineup.

Keo faces multiple charges including two counts of aggravated robbery.

He was booked into the Metro jail on a $175,000 bond.

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