Portland looks to revitalize downtown district

Portland looks to revitalize downtown district (Image 1)

The city of Portland is working toward reopening its downtown movie theater as part of a larger project to revitalize its downtown district.

Portland is one of two cities in Middle Tennessee to receive grant money from the state to help renovate their downtowns.

Last week's storm uncovered a bit of history, including the town's old health clinic.

“People are now seeing where it says health clinic and they're surprised,” said Portland mayor Ken Wilber, “But I've been in Portland all my life and I remember getting my shots here back in the 60s.”

The old Health Clinic is one of several old buildings downtown that is about to see new life.

A grant from the state of Tennessee has been given to the Sumner County town to help revitalize its downtown.

The Temple Theater hasn't shown a movie since the 1950s, but the city is in the process of getting ownership and restoring it to the glory days, however it could take years to complete.

“We've heard it takes people 10 years to do it,” Wilber said. “We would really like to get it going in three to five years, maybe earlier if we could.”

The old Moye-Green house that sits next to the railroad tracks is also on the city's “To-do” list.

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